The “Marcel Golay Award” to Prof. Luigi Mondello

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With an unanimous decision of a panel of illustrious scientists, the prestigious career recognition will be conferred to Professor Luigi Mondello, Full Professor of Analytical Chemistry at the University of Messina, during the opening ceremony of the ” 41st International Symposium on Capillary Chromatography & 14th GC × GC Symposium (Forth Worth, Texas, May 14-19, 2017), a congress of international significance in the field of separation science.

The award was established in honor of Marcel Jules Eduard Golay, pioneer of chromatographic gas techniques; The theory of dispersion in open tubular columns, theorized by the scientist in the 1960s, is at the basis of the capillary columns which to date represent the most popular analytical instrument in gas chromatography. Since 1989, Perkin Elmer, the leading US multinational in analytical instrumentation, where Golay contributed to the development of infrared technology, annually assigns the Career Award for outstanding merit in the field of capillary chromatography. An analysis of the global geographic distribution sees the US and Canada winners of about half of the awards currently awarded (19 out of 43), followed by Europe (16 of which only one in Italy), Asia (6), Africa (1) and Australia (1).

As a tradition, during the award ceremony, Prof. Mondello will illustrate the pioneering contributions of the Messina School, among the most accredited in the world in the field, to the achievement of the state of the art in the field of instrumentation, techniques and of the application potential of gas chromatography. The innovative instrumental prototypes of the research team have been awarded several awards with the “Analytical Scientist Innovation Awards (TASIAs): the MDGC-prep system in 2012, the LC-GC-GC-GC Preparatory System in 2013, the LC-GC × GC-MS / MS in 2015, the MDGC-IRMS-MS system in 2016.

Through years of rigorous and inspired research, the intuitive genius of Luigi Mondello has masterfully combined the most solid foundations of the scientific tradition with the most striking technological experimentation, raising the potential of chromatographic techniques, in particular capillaries and multidimensional, to unprecedented levels and contributing actively to their disclosure. Its remarkable scientific production (450 publications, 1050 congress communications and a total impact factor of about 900, from ISI source) has earned the Messina University’s placement, the only national presence in “The Cream of Chromatography “among the 31 most prestigious institutions in the world (Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, 2015), faced with its impact on the world’s scientific landscape.

At the crowning of a brief scientific career full of renowned awards (“Life Time Achievements in Comprehensive Gas Chromatography”, “The Analytical Scientist Power List 2015”, “IFEAT Medal”, “Liberty Medal”, “Colacro Medal”, ” the Golay Award is consecrated by the illustrious messenger scientist in the Olympus of chromatography, in addition to the likes of Daniel Armstrong (USA), Karel Cramers (Holland), Leslie Ettre (USA), Milton Lee (USA), Janusz Pawliszyn (Canada), Pat Sandra (Belgium), Nobuo Tanaka (Japan).

Link to the Perkin Elmer web-site: Marcel Golay Award