The University of Messina "leader" in the field of chromatography

A recent analysis of the quantity and quality of scientific production with respect to chromatographic techniques (a branch of Analytical Chemistry) places the University of Messina, the only nationwide presence, in “The Power List” of 31 of the most prestigious institutions in the world.

The statistical analysis was conducted by a group of scientists from the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, which carried out a comparative evaluation of the scientific production of such institutions over the past five years, based on criteria such as the number of publications relating to chromatography present in “Science Citation Index Expanded” (ICS), the total number of citations, the citation index Average for publication, the number of highly-cited publications. These bibliometric indices allow a comprehensive evaluation of both the productivity of the institution because of the quality of research produced, and ultimately its impact factor on the global scientific scene.

Such balancing is born of a ranking compiled by the previously independent magazine “The Analytical Scientist”; This list, called “The Power List,” lists the 100 most influential scientists in the field of analytics, including 37 chromatography experts from 31 different institutions, academic and otherwise. Among the latter, is one Italian scientist, Professor Luigi Mondello, Professor of Analytical Chemistry at the University of Messina, a pioneer in the field of separation science and in particular chromatographic techniques. The research activities coordinated by prof. Mondello at the  SCIFAR Department uses cutting-edge equipment and collaborations with foreign universities and multinationals leader in analytical instruments.