Research awarded with the TASIA 2016

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A research of the Separation Science group headed by Prof. Luigi Mondello as been awarded by the journal “The Analytical Scientist” with the TASIA 2016 for on e of the most innovative scientific approaches of 2016 . The Analytical Scientist Innovation Award 2016 has been awarded for the research “Multidimensional GC (MDGC) coupled to an optimized C-IRMS/triple quad-MS system for accurate δ13C, qualitative and quantitative analysis”, produced by University of Messina and Chromaleont s.r.l.

The enhanced performance of the prototype system overcomes common issues of commercial monodimensional and bidimensional GC-C-IRMS systems that have so far limited the widespread use of this technique.

What the judges say:

“This new MDGC technique improves on commercial systems that limit the number of second dimension fractions that can be analyzed, while also reducing the extra-column band broadening that can limit traditional IRMS performance.”

“Could become a key technique in establishing origin/authenticity of samples. So far, such techniques are scarce.”

Following the list of the 15 systems awarded with the TASIA 2016

1. Agilent Intuvo 9000 GC System (Agilent)

2. UniSpray source (Waters)

3. Tandem Ionisa,on (Markes Interna,onal)

4. LiveTrack (Renishaw)

5. ZipChip (908 Devices)

6. VGA-101 (VUV Analy,cs)

7. RamTest (BioTools, Inc.)

8. Alltesta HPLC-Based Analyzer (SIELC Technologies)

8. Alltesta HPLC-Based Analyzer (SIELC Technologies)

9. CLAM-2000 (Shimadzu)

10. Liquid-EI (LEI) Atmospheric Pressure Mechanism (University of Urbino, Italy)

11. Mul,-cut and high-resolu,on MDGC system coupled to IRMS and triple quadrupole MS

(University of Messina and Chromaleont. s.r.l.)

12. AIM-9000 Infrared Microscope & Automa,c Failure Analysis System (Shimadzu)

13. Thermo Scien,fic Exac,ve GC Orbitrap GC-MS (Thermo Fisher Scien,fic)

14. Nexera-i MT method transfer system (Shimadzu)

15. High-Throughput Direct Gas Analysis (Sy; Technologies and Anatune)