Prof. Paola Dugo and Luigi Mondello in The Analytical Scientist Power list 2015

Paola Dugo and Luigi Mondello, respectively professors of Food Chemistry and Analytical Chemistry at the Department of Chemical Sciences, Biological, Pharmaceutical and Environmental of the University of Messina, were included in the aspiring¬†“The Analytical Scientist Power List 2015 “. Next to the two teachers from Messina only two other Italians: Dr. Salvatore Lanterns (CNR Montelibretti, Rome) and Prof. Pier Giorgio Righetti (Politecnico di Milano).

As expected the hundred scientists selected worldwide in the field of Analytical Sciences (chemistry, biology, medicine, physics), the vast majority come from the USA (47) and Europe (40) along with Japan (4), China (3 ), Australia (3), Canada (2) and Singapore (1). Italy with 4 appearances consolidates the levels of a continent such as Australia and Oceania, and large countries like China and Canada. The significant contribution of the University of Messina, which alone accounts represents 50% of the Italian presence.

The goal of the University consolidated Messina, already present in Edition 2013 with Prof. Mondello, this year is enhanced with the inclusion of Prof. Dugo among only 15 women in the world of which only 6 European to be awarded this recognition .

The list reports names such as Koichi Tanaka (Japan) and Kurt W√ľthrich (USA), both Nobel Prize in Chemistry (respectively for studies on methods of mass spectrometry and nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy).

The selection has taken months of work by a panel of highly qualified experts, as part of a careful selection of names, intended to present a “list of” 100 most influential scientists in the field of analytical sciences, worldwide. The prestigious scientific journal independent (which boasts 24,500 copies and 70,500 digital monthly), thereby intended to give proper recognition to those in the field of analytical sciences, with their qualified contribution in various scientific fields have substantially contributed to the welfare of humanity “.

The University of Messina is placed on a par with prestigious universities / research institutes which, ETH, Harvard, Max Planck Institute, MIT, Stanford, The Scripps Research Institute.