Francesca Rigano

Dr. Francesca Rigano got her Master’s Degree in Chemistry in 2012 and the PhD in “Food Chemistry and Safety” in 2016, discussing a thesis entitled “Advanced Liquid Chromatography Techniques for the Development of Innovative Analytical Methods, with Particular Emphasis to Miniaturized Systems and Mass Spectrometry Hyphenation”. During Doctorate, she mainly worked in the field of LC techniques, exploring different instrumental setups, and focusing on the development of prototype systems. One of them consisted in the coupling of nano-LC to electron ionization mass spectrometry (EI-MS), with the aim to extend the advantages of GC-MS analysis to typical LC-amenable compounds.

Immediately after doctorate, Dr. Rigano started to work as a researcher at Chromaleont S.r.l., a company incubated at the University of Messina and she was the Scientific Director of different research projects carried out in the frame of a collaboration with leading companies in the sector (Shimadzu Corporation, Waters Corporation, and Merck): “Lipidomics”, “Coumarin Analyzer”, “SFC-EI”, “REIMS”. One of the main research lines regarded the improvement of identification capability in LC and SFC trough the combined use of the complementary information gathered from EI-MS data and Linear Retention Index (LRI), the latter approach was proven to be very stable under different experimental conditions at both intra- and inter-laboratory level (national and PCT patents, granted in USA, Japan and China).

Moreover, she was involved in national and European research projects, such as “Valorization of Italian OLive products through INnovative analytical tools (VIOLIN)”, funded by Ager foundation, leader in the agri-food sector, for which she implemented LC-MS and MS databases to be used for the identification of unknown sample. She was also involved in the Horizon 2020 project called “For.Tuna”, aiming to the valorization of bioactive molecules, mainly w-3 fatty acids and biopeptides, from tuna fish industry. In April 2019, she was promoted to Supervisor of the Research and Development sector of Chromaleont S.r.l.

Since November 2019, Dr. Rigano is Research Fellow of Food Chemistry at the Department of Chemical, Biological, Pharmaceutical and Environmental Sciences of the University of Messina, where she teaches “Healthy Foods from the World” (6 CFU) for the Master Degree course “Science of Human Food and Nutrition” and Food Chemistry and Agri-food Quality Control” for the Bachelor Degree Course “Sustainability and Environmental Innovation”

She mainly works on the analysis of lipids, bioactive molecules (carotenoids and polyphenols) and secondary metabolites (e.g. phytocannabinoids) in several food samples. The development of high throughput analytical methods, which enable fast, automatic and highly reliable quali-quantitative analysis play a central role in her research.

She is the co-author of 48 scientific papers (H-index 16, 742 citations, Scopus database source) and more than 130 oral/poster presentations at national and international meetings; moreover, she was the invited speaker of several scientific seminars and the “Pittsburgh Conference on Analytical Chemistry and Applied Spectroscopy” (Pittcon 2019).

She recently received the Young Researcher Medal awarded by the Interdivisional Group of Separation Science (Italian Chemistry Society) for the year 2022, during the national congress “Incontri di Scienza delle Separazioni” held in Florence in November, 17th-18th 2022, where she was invited to present her research activity.


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