Ph.D. Course in Chemical Sciences

Description and objectives of the course

The aim of the Ph.D. course in Chemical Sciences is to prepare Ph.D. laureates capable of working at the top level in industries, academic institutes, and public or private agencies and companies. The three-year course foresees a high standard level both from theoretical and experimental viewpoints. The main fields of research (topics) are innovative materials and chemical systems, nanotechnologies, food chemistry, nutraceutical science, energy conversion, information technology, pharmaceutical chemistry, analytical determination of natural and artificial products, supramolecular chemistry, structural chemistry, solution thermodynamics, environmental chemistry. The research activity encompassed the following Italian SSD, according to MIUR: CHIM/01 (Analytical chemistry), CHIM/02 (Physical chemistry), CHIM/03 (inorganic chemistry), CHIM/06 (Organic chemistry), BIO/10 (Biochemistry), CHIM/08 (Pharmaceutical chemistry), CHIM/09 (Technological Pharmaceutical chemistry), CHIM/10 (Food Chemistry), CHIM/12 (Environmental chemistry).

Expected occupational and professional opportunities

The PhD course in Chemical Sciences aims to train young people with high organizational skills and autonomous research, in the fields of various chemical disciplines. Therefore, the Ph.D. in Chemical Sciences offers a wide possibility of entering the world of work, both public and private: basic and applied research, industrial production activities, teaching, freelance professions, and consultancy.

Description of Linguistic training activities

The educational path of the Course provides for an improvement in linguistic skills, also encouraging periods of stay abroad (typically, six months on average for each PhD student) in research laboratories of interest.


The acquisition of specific computer skills, absolutely essential to operate in the research areas of the Course, is implicit in the training activity which also offers the direct use of sophisticated instrumentation.

Management of research, knowledge of research systems and funding systems

Students will be provided with appropriate protocols on the correct planning and conduct of scientific research. The aim will also be to provide specific information on the management of national and international, public and possibly private research projects.

The exploitation of research results and intellectual property

Students will be encouraged to present the results of the research conducted during the course of the study, by submitting periodic reports to the Academic Board. Furthermore, the results will be the subject of presentations at seminars, national and international conferences and printed publications.